Analyzing Genre

The blog post that seems similar to mine features 10 interesting facts about Slovakia. It seems that this post intends to attract tourists to Slovakia by pointing out some of its hidden features, like free train opportunities and abundance of castles and mineral springs. Each paragraph describing a given fact is succinct and generally includes some enthusiastic exclamation points, creating a mood of adventure! and surprise! Wow! These facts do indeed reveal quirky aspects of Slovakia, just as my own article does. The reader feels like they’re being let in on secrets of the society.


By using large headers and hyperlinks, I am indeed following some of the general rules of this quick-read visitor-attractor article. My paragraphs are not especially long right now, but I know that I have a  problem with writing extensively  so I ought to streamline my thoughts. This keeps the reader’s attention and doesn’t let them get caught up in unnecessary details or worst- get bored. This post also uses numbers and shock factors to stimulate the audience. I definitely need to include more of these factors